Our talented chefs aim to serve the best sushi combinations. You can always ask us to create a dish for you with the ingredients of your choice in a sushi style of your preference. One of the most authentic Japanese sushi experiences in London, offering a daily selection of sashimi and sushi. Our amazing Izakaya-inspired cuisine provides a diverse selection of individual dishes or you can order sets, which is perfect for sharing with friends or as a simple lunch time meal. We provide a takeout service too. Join us for Lunch and Dinner to enjoy the restaurant's upbeat atmosphere.

The Buffet menu includes over 50 dishes.You can find well-known and loved Japanese dishes such as Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura, Salmon Nigiri and Salmon Avocado Roll

Buffet menu for £16.99 per head





About Sushi Cafe, Battersea

After having worked in many of London’s top sushi restaurants for over 4 years, it was becoming harder to ignore the urge of owning my own restaurant. With the insatiable desire of my best friend, we decided to start our own Japanese restaurant journey and selfishly take our own piece of satisfaction for making people happy.

The story however did not begin 4 years ago. Before moving to London and before we could lay our hands on a sushi knife, two years of our training was devoted simply to appreciate and master the intricate process of making sushi rice. A further three years was dedicated solely to master cutting fish.

This fantastic journey has led us to here and now. Sushi Cafe opened in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength. The aim is to continually develop our menu and keep ahead of the trends while never forgetting our vision: to provide our wonderful customers an authentic and premium sushi experience without the premium price tag. We look forward to warmly welcoming you to explore our carefully created menus.

Sushi Cafe


Emiko Tanaka, 07/03/2021

“Excellent service and food”

Charles Nettlefold, 29/01/2021

“Probably the best sushi takeaway in London. This is not factory made. This is freshly made and is restaurant standard. Would give more stars if possible ”

Brent Magee, 06/11/2020

“Best sushi restaurant I've been too in London. Do not be deterred by the buffet status all the food is high quality. Been there both as a meat eater and vegan and only have good reviews. 6 stars are not enough!!!!!!!!”

Luke Goodlitt, 17/07/2020

“Absolutely delicious!! All the fish was fresh and thickly cut so definitely well worth the money ”

Nisha Mistry, 21/06/2020

“The BEST sushi! So fresh and delivered so fast. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. ”

Kirsty Arbuckle, 15/05/2020

“It was great - quick and easy to order online and then pick it up.”

Marketa Sinicakova, 29/04/2020

“Delicious food here! ”

Roman Laucher, 29/04/2020

“Another great dinner - sashimi ”

Amy China Wire, 26/04/2020

“Excellent as always! Sushi Cafe have really good fresh fish, really tasty rice, and decent prices. Delivered within 25 mins! Thanks for staying open during these tough times!”

Howard Margolius, 20/04/2020

“I love Sushi Cafè, quality of food is amazing and is so tasty. One of the best sushi in town!”

Giovanna Paninforni, 19/04/2020

“So good! We will order again soon!”

Megan Wessels, 17/04/2020

“Really good! Fast service and good food - all I can ask for now. Thank you :)”

Jasmine Haniah, 09/04/2020

“The sushi was amazing! One of the best in London ”

Tom Jansen, 08/04/2020

“Everything was delicious! Even my 2 year old was eating the rolls with us! ”

Megan Wessels, 03/04/2020